4th grade art!

I remember in the 4th grade, we had a class project where we had to research an endangered or threatened animal. I chose the wallaby! Unfortunately I don’t remember anything that I researched about the wallaby other than the fact that it lives in Australia. I also cannot tell you exactly which species of wallaby I researched was endangered. 🙁

The teachers painted the world map on the side of the cafeteria, and all the kids had to do was paint their cute animals on the map!

And this was my contribution to the wall:

We painted this back in spring of 1996. I currently live down the street from my old elementary school, so when I recently paid a visit to the adjacent park, I was surprised to see that this mural was still there! I hope that this mural will still be around for some time to come to inspire all the current and future kiddies at this quaint little school.

5 thoughts on “4th grade art!

  1. Man! All I got to do in fourth grade was do a report on one the California Missions. It’s probably for the better, though. If I painted something on a mural they probably would have covered it up by now.

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