Chapter 2: Regret

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The hunger in her stomach burned like an endless fire. Lilee walked along the glen, desperately eyeing every possible type of foliage in hopes of something edible. In all her years as Mr. Micha”s pupil, she really was starting to regret not learning proper hunting techniques.

“You never know when the difference of knowing how to prepare food vs how to obtain food may save your life,” Mr. Micha says as he holds up a bow and arrow.

Lilee puts down her wooden spoon from the pot she is mixing and pouts her lip. “What do I need a bow and arrow for when I can just pierce anything that comes my way with my sword?” Like a flash of light, she glides to the opposite side of the room, grabs her sword and leaps on the tabletop. “Let the animals come to me! Ha!” She grasps the hilt and thrusts her weapon into the air. “I”ll eat them all! Rawr Rawr!”

Now, in this intolerable state of misery, she continues to stagger through the dirt, with each step becoming heavier than the next.

The only thing she feels next is the dirt of the crumbling earth beneath her. Her eyelids move and shut on their own. All goes black.


Lilee is suddenly awakened by a strange woman hovering over her. Behind this woman she sees an endless hallway, filled with every type of beautiful flowers imaginable.

“I”ve been watching you since Elbrook,” the woman confesses. “Wake up. It isn”t your time yet. There are things that I need to know first.”

“Who are you?”

“Save the questions for later. Get up.”

The small girl attempts to stand and realizes her body is as light as air. She feels the touch of the mystery woman on her shoulder and together they make their way in the opposite direction of the hallway.


Lilee wakes to an image of the woman holding and admiring her beloved sword.

In a blink of an eye, she quickly retrieves her treasure and nestles it like a new born baby.

The woman, startled by her aggression holds her hands up to her chest in defense. “Woahhh, woah there. Calm down little missy. I”m not an enemy” The woman holds out a loaf of bread in an attempt to placate her angered guest.

Lilee quickly sheaths her sword, grabs the bread and takes the biggest bite her mouth can take. She continues to chew and bite until a fullness envelopes her. The feeling is bliss and she is suddenly at ease. “Who the hell are you? she demands. “And don”t call me little!”

The woman laughs heartily. “The name”s Denisey. But by these parts I”m known as Denisey the transient.” Lilee wipes her mouth and sits down.

“What”s that supposed to mean?”

“Well.” Denisey pauses. “Have you ever heard of the ghost stories surrounding the area about some woman who robs traveling warriors of their weapons in the woods at night?”

Lilee”s eyes open wide. Yes she has. Many times. Mr. Micha often told her not to go into the woods at night in fear that a haunted woman might steal her away. She always thought nothing of it.

“Well you see, once upon a time,” Denisey starts, “A princess was destined to meet her prince charming. Everything was perfect, but the day they were supposed to meet, all her dreams came crashing down. Out of nowhere a huge masked rider came and attacked her innocent caravan traveling through the forest. Everything was a gruesome mess and the princess would like nothing more than to forget all of it, but there was one thing that she could never forget. At the last few seconds before her death, she became transfixed on the engraving of the murderous weapon. It was unlike anything she had ever seen.” Her eyes glanced to the beautiful vine of lilies on Lilee”s sword and suddenly grew dark.

“Now I know that your miniature size makes you physically incapable of being who I am looking for,” Denisey”s voice grows slow and deep. “But I need to know, very clearly, how that weapon came into your possession.”

Lilee”s mouth grew dry and her hand slowly grasped the sheath of her sword at her side.

“I should have died that night, but I didn”t. And now I am trying to figure out why. Any why this necklace,” She pulls out a shining purple stone from her shirt. “saved me.” Denisey looks straight at her new companion. “But I now know that for some crazy reason, it has something to do with you, and I am not letting you out of my sight until I know what that is.”


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  1. Good introduction to Lilee and Denisey. I added the Chapter title and a more tag
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  2. Wooo!!! The plot thickens! I love the way you put Terisa and Denise into their characters, perfect.

    I wonder who this masked man could be, and why Liliee inherited his deathly weapon!!!

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  3. lol I was supposed to have been killed by an arrow, but a flashy sword works too!

    Great job Maria!

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  4. Haha, I like how Lilee is so feisty and defensive (she’s starting to remind me of Zhang Ziyi’s character in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Denisey is all calm and menacing.

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