Chapter 3: Start the Show

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This chapter is all action!



Marvelous. Truly, incredibly fantastic.

Gregums the Grubber snickers quietly and gives himself a pat on the back, crouched over the hole in the ceiling. His dark hair partially covers his eyes which glint with promise of a hopeful future. He is going to make himself a rich imp, and he is going to impress the imp ladies. All he needs is for this depressive bunch to bump heads a little.

He thinks back to the time his siblings used to kick him around for being small, teasing him mercilessly. Well, what are they to him now? They are stuck in the tedium of their lives, just scrounging to get by, while here he is on a journey to change everything. Sure, the others in the room below will probably hate him for all eternity, but if it allows him to achieve his happily-ever-after – a farm, a beautiful girl, maybe a cow or three, and some corn fields – then it is all worth it.

Now, Gregums thinks, it’s time for the real show to start.


Tetsubow Valjean cannot believe it. In less than a minute, two unknown individuals pop through his door, insisting on killing him. His anger surges. He has spent enough time repenting for his past misdoings. He doesn’t need to take anymore crap, especially from these random whackjobs.

“You two know not of what you speak. If you would kill an innocent man, you’d best reconsider your actions,” Testubow growls menacingly.

Venkat Darkrider aims his revolver-crossbow squarely at Tetsubow. “Innocent?” He gives a low, unamused laugh, then shouts. “Do not play games!”

The crossbow is fired. Tetsubow’s Woren senses kick in. His fine-tuned hearing picks up the sound, and his feet propel him away. The bolt just grazes his arm but otherwise lands with a solid “thud” into the wooden wall behind him.

Tetsubow winces from the sting of the cut but wastes no time flinging poison pills at Darkrider. The vial lands at Darkrider’s feet and a green plume of smoke rises into the air. Darkrider steps back and covers his face, but it is too late as he has already inhaled some of the fumes. He falls to his knees as violent coughs rack his body.

Tetsubow admires his work. He stands upright with some difficulty. His breathing is labored from the sudden exertions. Dodging the arrow had used much of his energy. He is about to approach the ailing Darkrider to seek answers to his sudden intrusion but is stopped when a sharp blade is pressed to his throat.

“Hey there sweetie. Forgot about me already?” says a sugar-coated voice that cannot hide the deadly intent.

The Gumpaler! In the near-death struggle with Darkrider he had carelessly forgotten about her. Her smug expression at getting the upper hand fuels his rage. But just as he is about to reach for another vial of pills he feels his heart skip a beat and he suddenly weakens.

What is this? He thinks. I suddenly cannot move…

He glances to the arm that was grazed by Darkrider’s arrow. The flesh around the cut turns a sickly purple and slowly spreads up his arm. Tetsubow can no longer stand and falls to the ground.

Gumpaler stands somewhat confused but quickly looks victorious as she glances between Darkrider, coughing and struggling to breath, and Tetsubow, curled and moaning on the floor. “Well, you boys did all the work for me. Thank you so very much. But I still need answers.” She kneels next to Tetsubow and jerkily grabs him by the collar. She glares into his feline eyes, her seething anger matching his own. “Tell me now or I will aid in the slow, painful ending of your life. Where is the Golden Weed?”

Tetsubow snarls, frustrated at the woman’s insistence. “It is not here! It is the first I have even heard of it!”

Gumpaler sighs in admission. Another dead end. Unless of course he still insists on lying. She could play his game. “That is too bad. The only option I have now, you know, is to kill you.” She aims her hand-blade towards his chest and strikes down, but she is suddenly yanked by the arm and flung away to the other end of the room.

Gumpaler lands roughly on the floor. She moves to get a glimpse of her assailant, but sees nothing in front of her. She looks around but sees only Darkrider and Tetsubow. She looks up.  There is a board removed from the ceiling. In the next moment, a scrawny imp jumps down to the floor with a long lasso grasped in his hand.

The imp smirks as he looks around the room. Quickly, he makes his way to Testubow and grabs several vials of poisons. He makes his way to Darkrider, who tries to fend him off, but the imp is easily able to kick Darkrider away in his weakened state. The imp finds a bag of coins and jewels on the bowman and stows them in his own bag.

Gumpaler watches him warily and makes to defend herself against him, but the imp quickly ensnares her with his lasso. The Gumpaler screams as she feels the lasso burning into her skin.

The imp releases her and she falls to the floor, writhing in pain. The Gumpaler lifts her head, ire in her eyes, and sees the imp nod to her.

“Tell Denisey hello for me when you see her.”

Then he bolts out the open door.



Are those 3 going to die? And how does Gregums know Denisey? What about Tetsubow’s wife? And why did Darkrider come in and get owned?? WHAT’S GOING ON??

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yeah! Tetsubow is a freaking boss. Good job Denise. This chapter was super exciting and well written. Hmm, I can think of one way that Gregums might know Denisey…

  2. Gregums the Grubber!! Aw man, it was great seeing him in action! Awesome job Denise. Things are coming along nicely! I’m really getting a feel for all the characters after these three chapters

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