Octi Sushi

I made this for Denisey a couple of years ago for her birthday. It”s probably one of my favorite polymer clay pieces. I usually don”t like making a piece more than once because I get bored after the first time, but I might have to make one for myself. It”s Octi! Enjoying some sushi, sake, and beer!

This pic was to compare the size of some other pieces with a quarter. I didn”t make the little stuffed alligator. His name is Albie. Interesting story behind that one… maybe for another post.


So it was fun that night that we took turns telling parts of a single story. Let”s do that again!

I”m thinking we should start with a fantasy theme since some many of you nerds seem to be into that these days. bah. Anyways, if you want to join, reply with a character description – try to name him after you a little so it”s funnier – like Venkat Darkrider Stormwind or some such. Then, I will write the first entry – new people can jump in with new characters or whatever whenever.

Writing Sample

I wrote this in 2007 when I was still a student at UCD. Even though I know I”m not the greatest poet to come out of the 21st century, I”ve always really liked it.


Steve Colbert and Nintendo nights,
constant cram sessions,
and beer pong fights.
Green little http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=en ducks
surround memories of us.
While bikes before cars,
and a myriad of stars
that you can actually see
remind me of how great the world can be.

The Making of Lake Shasta


I make dumb things in iMovie and so can you!

Learn how to flex your inner Spielberg on a device you might already own in this behind the scenes look at the making of Lake Shasta! With bonus footage from Monterey Bay Aquarium, sexy penguins, and a special unwitting guest star! It’s moderately fun for the whole family!

Team Dominion

Dominion is awesome deck building game that is always different. With 2 standalone sets and 5+ expansions, the game is ever-changing. The best part of Dominion is that you randomly choose 10 decks (sometimes more depending on cards chosen) from any of the sets, which ensures that every game is slightly different.

While playing with my friends for months, we decided to take this game to the next level. We incorporated the team element to to what is usually a single player game. This new paradigm required new strategy and team work.

Let’s lay out the added rules and how scoring works.

Additional Rules

  1. You must have an even number of players (4 or 6 players)
  2. Teams consist of 2 players
  3. Seating must alternate members from teams (Two people from the same team must not sit next to each other)Example Team Layout
  4. The number of Provinces = players x 3
  5. The number of Curses = (players – 1) x 10
  6. The game ends when either when 4 piles are exhausted or the Province or Colony pile is exhasted
  7. Players on a team exchange 1 card, without looking, before the beginning of the Action phase of a member on the team.

This is where the strategy comes in. The simple way would be to add the Victory points of all the members of a team and the highest team total would win. However, we decided to complicated things a little more.

  1. Calculate your score for each member of your team
  2. Take the lowest score for your team and that becomes your team score
  3. The highest scoring team wins

This is a fun variation, that adds a little bit of team play to this great strategy game.