So it was fun that night that we took turns telling parts of a single story. Let”s do that again!

I”m thinking we should start with a fantasy theme since some many of you nerds seem to be into that these days. bah. Anyways, if you want to join, reply with a character description – try to name him after you a little so it”s funnier – like Venkat Darkrider Stormwind or some such. Then, I will write the first entry – new people can jump in with new characters or whatever whenever.


  1. If this is going to be a different story I vote for different names.

    Greg, I love Venkat Darkrider.

    I am a half-elven Detective Ranger. My weapon of choice is a revolver cross bow. My human secretary was murdered in my office and I’m on a mission to solve the crime. I have no money, am single and love a nice whiskey. To fund my crime solving I take odd jobs on the road.

  2. You guys can do whatever you want. I am keeping my name.

    I am the Gumpaler. I was born with a large spearlike bone protrusion in place of my left hand. I am both a human marvel and disgrace, cast and shunned away from my village. I wander the lands with my own sense of justice, looking to find purpose in a place that has none.

    And I’m hella fine.

  3. So maybe I got a little carried away, but here goes:

    I am Tetsubow Valjean, born a member of the Woren tribe (half human, half feline warrior tribe) and a repentant ex-charlatan turned legitimate pharmacist.
    I endured years of imprisonment and torture after being detained on charges of years of selling fake medicine. My body is left scarred and ugly from the experience. While in prison, I found I have real talent for compounding pharmaceuticals, to the point where I can create weaponized concoctions as well as curative ones.
    I settled down in a seemingly cursed town with a beautiful woman, whose sight has severely diminished due to the relentless progression of an incurable illness, an illness that has affected much of the town.
    Even with my formidable pharmaceutical skills, I have only managed to abate the symptoms of the illness in my wife and the townspeople. Although I am content in my life as I finally found have a place I belong, I deeply long to search for a cure to this interminable illness.

    Small, but muscular, human frame with the eyes, ears, and lower body (legs, tail, and hind feet and claws) of a tiger. Scars covering much of body.

    Combat Skills:
    Poison and Explosive pills
    Secret Medicine (curative)
    Wild Martial Arts (honed in prison, of course)

      • Admittedly, I can’t claim that this character is an original idea. I sort of combined a couple of RPG characters (the Woren tribe is from the Breath of Fire series, the badass pharmacist is from Star Ocean: The Second Story) and even sprinkled in a little homage to Jean Valjean into my back-story (which you could probably tell from my name). Now that Greg has started the story, I can definitely see the character coming together and tinges of other characters developing. It’s a lot of fun, but I’m a little worried about the characters “identity,” which is becoming harder to pin down with all these influences running through my head. I’m sure I’ll figure it out or it will make itself obvious from what is written eventually.

  4. I’m going to keep this as a character page and post the first chapter as a new topic, the next person can join in on that topic with the following chapter and so on. Nice characters guys! The more detailed the better!

    My character:

    Gregums the Grubber

    Gregums is a wee worm of a imp. Although a considered the runt of his family, he still possesses the keen and cruel cleverness needed for this race of vermin to survive. He is shrewd and crafty, often looking out only for himself. Despite his seemingly cutthroat disposition, deep inside he longs for a life of sunshine and peaceful farm life with a pretty imp lass. To make this dream come true he will grab up every sliver of gold or gem in his grasp. Gambling is his true weakness.

    Weapons: Poison Lasso – it’s a poisonous lasso.

  5. So I suggest, we make a new “Page” and under that page we have a category for this story. We can tage each new chapter with that category and it will be displayed on that page.

  6. I am Denisey. I am a human girl, born to a noble family and lived a grand, noble life. My most treasured possession was a necklace of amethyst given to me by my now-deceased godmother. I grew up wanting for nothing, was well-educated, and was destined to marry the prince-charming of my dreams…

    Until one day, on the way to meet my betrothed, escorted by my family’s personal guard, my carriage and traveling party were attacked by an unknown assailant. An arrow was shot straight through my heart. Everyone was killed and I should have died, but the necklace given to me by my godmother contained an unknown power that brought me back to life…sort of. Now I am Denisey the Transient. Somewhat alive but not really, I can travel between the world of the living and the dead. I aim to find out the meaning of this strange ability given to me and about the legacy passed down to me from my godmother.

    traveling btwn realms
    close combat with some daggers and being transient.

    PS. all the holes in this description I hope someone can fill in during the story >_<

  7. Lilee is an orphan. When she lived in the orphanage, the older kids told her that they found her on the streets with an old shirt thrown over her. She couldn’t have been more than a few days old. They told her that no one wanted her, that’s why she wasn’t left on the porch in a little basket like the others. She was always picked on by the older kids, but she just went to her happy place when she was sad… a green meadow full of flowers where she would just lay and watch the clouds roll by. She’s never been there, but she saw it in a book once. One day… she’ll go there.
    Many years have passed since Lilee ran away from the orphanage. She worked for anyone that would take her. She peeled carrots and potatoes at a little shack of a restaurant, made some quick hems by hand at a tailor shop, and swept up flour at a bakery. She stole when she had to, but never took more than she needed. She met Mr. Micha, the blacksmith, when she tried to steal an apple from his basket. He took her in and offered her a job. He was a nice old man, but never had kids because Mrs. Micha died of a mysterious illness. He taught her math, science, geography, history, but most importantly, how to fight. Lilee was small for her age and Mr. Micha thought she needed to learn how to defend herself. He had her practice martial arts with swords and daggers, and some of the local soldiers would practice with her. One day, Mr. Micha gave her the most beautiful sword she ever saw. It was gunmetal gray with some vines and lilies engraved on hilt. The hilt glowed and quickly faded away when he put the sword in her hands. Lilee didn’t seem to notice, but Mr. Micha thought, “Could it be?” She did some practice moves and she glided through the air elegantly with a fierce fight look in her eyes. She thought about people that wronged her in the past and started taking out her anger on one of Mr. Micha’s barrels. He continued to train her. She was a sweet girl who went through some tough times, but Mr. Micha knew she couldn’t stay with him forever. One day, he told her that she needed to leave and explore the world, but made her promise that she would visit him one day. She packed up her things and left at dawn the next day. Mr. Micha watched her walk away with tears in his eyes. The hilt of her sword glowed and faded as she walked into the sunrise.

    Small, quick, and light on her feet
    Swordsman (is that what it’s called?)
    Unknown powers with her sword

  8. Awesome!! We have an alcoholic detective badass, a wise and rugged potionmaster, a mutant assassin babe, a thieving trickster imp, a zombie death princess, and a heroic orphan of prophecy

    this is shaping up to be the perfect fantasy gang woo!

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