Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is an awesome game by Steve Jackson Games that my friends and I have enjoyed playing.

This is a great game that combines Zombies, Brains, and Gambling. The basic premise is to collect Brains and avoiding getting shot by your dinner. A turn starts with grabbing 3 random dice (potential dinner) out of 13 (6 Green, 4 Yellow and 3 Red) out of a cup. On each dice has 3 symbols: Shot, Brain and Footprints (runners). Gambling comes into play, since each color has different proportions of these symbols.

        • Green: 2 Footprints, 3 Brains, 1 Shot
        • Yellow: 2 Footprints, 2 Brains, 2 Shots
        • Red: 2 Footprints, 1 Brain, 3 Shots

On a given roll, you put aside the Brains and Shots. The Footprints indicate your food is a bit faster than you and you can continue to pursue. If you choose to roll again, grab as many dice from the cup so that you roll a total of 3 dice. If you get shot 3 times in 1 turn you loose all the Brains that you collects, but at any time you may stop your turn and bank all the Brains. The winner is the Zombie with the most Brains collected.

The standard rules is setup so that each player gets the same amount of turns. The end game is triggered when a player collects a minimum of 13 Brains when they end their turn. Each player that hasn’t gone in that round gets to finish their turn and try to match or surpass the player that triggered end-game.

After playing using the standard rules, we realized that people played more conservatively because more often than not all they had to do was get to 13 first to win. But then we stumbled upon a twist. Instead of each player getting the same number of turns, we allowed every other player a final turn to try to match or beat the total of the first player to reach 13 brains or more.

The change in the rules saw players taking greater risk in order to put the number of Brains collected out of reach of the other competitors. A key strategy observed is to get to 12 Brains and then hope for a massive roll to get 18-20 Brains total.

Overall, I think that this twist to the rules allows for a longer game and brings out the gambling nature in people more than the original rules.

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