In Bruges

I never thought I would be the type to go crazy over places where movies were filmed, but going to Bruges was like a fucking fairytale dream come true!

Oh, and the best way to get to Mars is through Bruges apparently.

Home Brew Davis Days

In honor of coming back from Oktoberfest, I wanted to share a little of my own brewing experience.

Back in 2007, my old roommate and good friend Christian and I decided to take up home brewing. Our first en-devour was a small batch of cider. After the small batch, we scaled up and made a 5 gallon of cider. A fun experience, but cider isn”t beer. So we finally found a recipe and tried it. It came out okay, but we could use a lot more practice. Below is a picture of use with our “baby”:

Home Brew

I hope to do more home brewing soon, and get back into the practice.