Chapter Two: Lander May

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Chapter Two: Lander May

“Another late night, Jeff. You must be starving,” I said to my fluffy companion as I heard my own stomach angering for something more than the whiskey I had feed it last night. I tried to move, but was still rooted firmly in my chair behind my desk.

I spun around in my firm wooden chair, just to get the blood flowing. The warm sun hit my right hand, as I reoriented myself in front of my desk. Based on the placement of the sun, I could tell that it was about 6:30 in the morning. I was able to perform this “trick” because I had removed all the wooden blinds from my 2 windows, as I didn”t see a need for them. This irritated my partner, but not as much as the rest of my gadgets that stood on my dark wooden desk.

The left side of my desk is occupied by a metal typewriter, but this was not a normal typewriter it was also a typereader. You could feed the contraption a set of papers and it would read the contents back. Most models have a output for a headphones, but mine has been personally modified over the years and I broke that functionality, so the sounds only comes out of the two giants speaks on either side. To annoy my partner I “accidentally” place the papers upside down so that the machine sputters out nonsense. On the right side of my desk sits 2 trays labeled input and output. I had them setup to speak anytime a paper was placed in either one. I updated the sounds weekly, just to keep it fresh. Also on the right side, is a small metal rotary video phone that gets very little use.
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Saved by the Bell Game: Spend an outrageous day with the gang

A few weeks ago, on an early November Saturday afternoon, we decided to have an outrageous day. Joining me on this adventurous journey, Donny, Scott and Denise. We embraced our inner “90s tween girl and played the Saved by the Bell Game.

The game is based off the classic “90s tv series. You get to hang out with the gang (Kelly, Lisa, Jessie, Screech, Zach and Slater) at Bayside High and popular hangout places like The Max.

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Chapter One: Rita Lauren

Me and Venkat wanted to try our hands at writing something, so we came up with a splendid fantastical crime-solving magical mystery story idea. He and I will take turns writing it, similar to the other story. So it has no real plot yet.

Please don”t take this story too seriously. It”s not meant to be accurate at all.

Okay hope you enjoy!


Chapter One: Rita Lauren

What cannot be erased shall not be forgotten.

A life is made up of moments, and in a moment a life can end, sometimes naturally and sometimes at the cruel hands of others. There are all sorts of dangers out there lying in wait, but we don’t always have to be the victims. We can choose to be the protectors.

I, Rita Lauren, have taken the oath to be one of those protectors. I didn’t do it out of a sense of purpose. But now that I’m here I might as well act like I should – like a detective of the local police department. Fight the baddies (read as “sit on my ass all day”), get paid a somewhat decent salary, and hopefully, if I’m lucky, find my purpose and live life happily ever after.

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