Chapter Two: Lander May

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Chapter Two: Lander May

“Another late night, Jeff. You must be starving,” I said to my fluffy companion as I heard my own stomach angering for something more than the whiskey I had feed it last night. I tried to move, but was still rooted firmly in my chair behind my desk.

I spun around in my firm wooden chair, just to get the blood flowing. The warm sun hit my right hand, as I reoriented myself in front of my desk. Based on the placement of the sun, I could tell that it was about 6:30 in the morning. I was able to perform this “trick” because I had removed all the wooden blinds from my 2 windows, as I didn”t see a need for them. This irritated my partner, but not as much as the rest of my gadgets that stood on my dark wooden desk.

The left side of my desk is occupied by a metal typewriter, but this was not a normal typewriter it was also a typereader. You could feed the contraption a set of papers and it would read the contents back. Most models have a output for a headphones, but mine has been personally modified over the years and I broke that functionality, so the sounds only comes out of the two giants speaks on either side. To annoy my partner I “accidentally” place the papers upside down so that the machine sputters out nonsense. On the right side of my desk sits 2 trays labeled input and output. I had them setup to speak anytime a paper was placed in either one. I updated the sounds weekly, just to keep it fresh. Also on the right side, is a small metal rotary video phone that gets very little use.

Knowing that my partner was not going to be in for another hour, I took my time getting ready. I got up and stretched behind my desk and then walked to the left 5 paces to the corner of the room, where my dog rested for the night. I had setup a large pillow bed for him so that he can rest during the “paper work” heavy days or as I deem the usual work day. On the right was a large wooden chest that contained Jeff”s food and some of my personal affects. I could clearly hear Jeff scratch the chest with his ecstatic whimpers in tow.

“Hold on Jeff. I know you are hungry, I am too. It is just a slow morning.”

I fiddled around for the numeric lock until I heard each of the five numbers in the combination lock click into place. Upon opening the chest a waft of raw deer meat mixed with oak aged elven whiskey. I grabbed about two pounds of meat and placed it in the metal dish bowl that was being jabbed into my leg.

After getting Jeff settled I grabbed my leather toiletry bag, a glass and a bottle of whiskey. I opened the door and headed down the hall to the right to coed bathroom. On my way I was recalling the scene that we been to just 2 days ago.

I set my toiletries on the sink and started to poor myself a glass of whiskey. Too early to drink for most, but by being half-elvish I don”t get drunk easily and crave the taste of a nice whiskey equivalent to coffee for most. I began to sip my fresh drink and recall the phrase:

What cannot be erased shall not be forgotten.

I had been pondering that phrase since early last night. That phrase stood out from the entire experience. I tried to recall the similar experience I had in my youth.

I was equivalent to an elven child and a spry young adult human. This was far before I had lost my sight and I enjoyed taking out my home made motor bike out to the forest. I would stress test the machine and see what tricks I could do.

One day, I heard a large gathering near my normal route. I couldn”t make out what they were saying, but could see that they were all wearing a vibrant green hoods. They stood in perfect circle with arms held in front of them. Dark clouds began to gather around, which didn”t seem out of the ordinary at the moment. I tried to get closer, but couldn”t without being seen.

It seemed like just minutes had passed, but close to one hour had gone by. I was transfixed on the unrecognizable tones and the elaborate gestures each was doing. I figured that there were roughly 20 individuals in the circle and 15 more were wandering around the outskirts. It was hard to tell if the individuals not in the circle were doing anything, but I suspected they must be up to something.

Nothing happened for the next hour too. After that point I felt that I had wasted sufficient time and would head back home. As I got back, I felt a surge of energy from the circle. I turned back in time to see what looked like a lightning strike the center of the circle. I didn”t think twice and jettisoned off.

Years later I learned of cults trying to perform magic. The ritual I had witnessed was supposedly to help summon something. It was never clear to me what or who the people were trying to summon. As I grew older, it seemed as interest for this rituals and cults died out and little was ever heard of them.

Finishing off my whiskey, I contemplated that surge of energy again. Maybe I had it reversed, the lightning started off in the circle and went towards the sky. It fits better with how the entire circle that I had just visited was pulsing with energy. But what kind of energy was it?

Before I could think anymore I had better get ready. There wasn”t much time before Ms. Lauren would come back. I quickly doused some cold water on my face and ran single blade razor across my face.

I headed back to the office to grab another glass of whiskey and some new concoction called a instant sandwich. All you do is add some water to what appears to be a round ball the size of pea. Then wait two minutes and viola you have a sandwich. Today I choose deer and tomatoes.


Right on time, I could hear my partner”s high heels tap against the hardwood floor. The steps sounded heavier, which meant she was carrying something or had a rough night. Her sweet jasmine perfume was blown into the office. The best way I could describer her is a human dame that can handle her liquor, knows how to brandish a gun and leaves a trail of men behind her.

The door swung open and in walked Lauren proclaiming, “A little help May.”

It had been almost a year since we were paired up and we have yet to refer to each other by our first names. What was even stranger is that we didn”t user our titles either, just our last names.

“What you got their Lauren?”

“Just a night”s worth of research. I got about 4 boxes of case files that had referenced the God of Light or strange circles and cults. By the way still need help here,” she said with growing frustration.

“On my way,” as I leaped out of my seat and briskly walked the 10 paces to the door.

She handed me 2 boxes, which I took back to my desk. Then resumed my comfortable position in my chair, now with my legs up on the desk. “So whats the plan for today?”

“What do you think the plan is? We got to find out what that phrase and circle means.”

She meandered to her desk, first stopping off to drop off her heavy winter coat on the hanger. I could hear her skirt ruffle as she began to take her seat.

“So did you have any luck last night May?”

“Not much. Was still contemplating that phrase. No idea what it refers to. But sounds like we actually have a mystery for once.”

“That is the first that we both can be exited about. I am going to get some coffee and make a base in one of the conference rooms with a box. That will allow you to use that contraption of yours. Meet you back here at noon to discuss what we found?”

“That sounds delightful. See you in four hours and also stick your tongue back in your mouth,” I said with a smirk across my face.

I heard the door slam and could tell she was frustrated on how I knew that. Maybe one day I will tell her, as I chuckled to myself. I began to open a box and dive into work. This was the mystery I had been waiting for.


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