Europe Dancing Video: Denise, Venkat and Scott (Preview)

So this is the first time I have done video editing and using some linux software, so I decided to start small. I used clips from when Denise, Scott and myself traveled through online casino Europe.

The song was choose by Densie: “Good Time”. The video isn”t done yet, but thought I would give a taste.

5 thoughts on “Europe Dancing Video: Denise, Venkat and Scott (Preview)

  1. Love it! Sorry I’ve been so lazy and haven’t uploaded my videos yet, but I PROMISE I’ll do it soon hahaha! And I LOVE this song. I wish I knew this was one of the choices for songs cause I would’ve voted for it instead. It’s totally US!

  2. Ya, the original videos were not HD quality. Also was missing a bunch of libraries on my linux box that I used to make the video. I will try to finish this weekend and have a better one up.

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