Saved by the Bell Game: Spend an outrageous day with the gang

A few weeks ago, on an early November Saturday afternoon, we decided to have an outrageous day. Joining me on this adventurous journey, Donny, Scott and Denise. We embraced our inner “90s tween girl and played the Saved by the Bell Game.

The game is based off the classic “90s tv series. You get to hang out with the gang (Kelly, Lisa, Jessie, Screech, Zach and Slater) at Bayside High and popular hangout places like The Max.

The goal of the game is get to 30 points. To get the 30 points you meet members of the gang around school based on the notes they provided as well as date both Zach and Slater, each worth 10 points.

Game Pieces

  • Movement: A single six-sided dice.
  • Color Dice: The color dice is used when a player lands on a yellow locker. The color decide if you choose a Note Card (pink), Question card (orange), spinner (green) or detention (lose a turn).
  • Spinner: The spinner is used when you roll a green on the color dice, at a yellow locker. You can loose a note, trade a note, go to detention or go anywhere on the board.
  • Note Cards: These are notes, which tell you to meet someone from the show at a specific location, give you points once you complete it.
  • Picture Cards: Cards providing poses from the characters that you collect once you complete a note.
  • Question Cards: Cards drawn when an orange is rolled. These cards include trivia, but are mostly ways of girls to gossip about their social network. Players guessing the correct answer move ahead spaces.


  1. Each player starts off at start
  2. Each players starts with 2 ally tokens, with 2 more per player in a community pot
  3. Each player
  4. Players move around the board clockwise
  5. Players may use secret passages
  6. To complete a note, the player must land on the exact space of the meeting place.
  7. To complete a date, the player must land on the date space twice, for Zach and Slater

End Game
The first player to date Zach and Slater and have 30 total points wins

This game was very awkward to play with 3 guys and a single girl. Not to mention we were not in high school anymore. As a fan of the show I was disappointed that there was not many trivia cards. The game is very much geared towards tween girls and is just an excuse to to gossip during sleep overs.

The game takes a long time, due to the slow accumulation of points. But as soon as its over, it doesn”t seem like you accomplished much. The game seems to be advocating dating 2 guys, which seems not very family friendly.

This game was not like “Spending an outrageous day with the gang”.

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