The Walking Dead Board Game: Zombie Killing Time

It was a warm November night, when we realized that we hadn”t killed any zombies all day. In order to satisfy our desire to kill, we broke out The Walking Dead Board Game.

This game is based of the hit show The Walking Dead. This game allows you to enter the apocalyptic world as one of six characters: Rick, Lori, Shane, Glenn, Andrea and Glenn. Each of these characters come with a special power, which reminds me of the board game . Both games share similar mechanics and if we played the Team Game, I suspect the games would be even similar.

That being said, we played the Survival Mode, which turned out to be 2 layered strategy game.

The first player to collect tokens from the 4 Locations (Police Station, Center for Disease Control, Abandoned Car Lot and Department Store) on the board and return to homebase, Camp, wins. This objective mechanic is very similar to the Mr. T Game. But this is not the only way to win.

Game Pieces

  • Movement: A single six-sided dice used to make movements in a single direction,
  • Attack:
  • Ally Pool: A pool of ally”s that you may had to your gang, which represent the amount of life you have. Basically you sacrifice your ally”s before you die. If an ally dies, they are gone forever.
  • Scrounge Cards: These are cards that represent items that you might find when all hell breaks loose. Like the real world when this deck runs out, you don”t magically find more items (some special circumstances exist).
  • Encounter Cards: These are cards that represent your random encounters that can happen in this world as you complete your tasks. These can be ones that require you to stand your ground and fight or can be like finding a store full of supplies. Any place you land you always draw at least 1 encounter
  • Walker Cards: These are cards that allow walkers, zombies, to attack survivors.
  • Spaces:
    • Blank: No advantages but you must draw an Encounter Card.
    • Draw a Scrounge Card: Draw a Scrounge Card from the deck.
    • 1: These spaces give you a 1 to your attack role.
    • 2: These spaces give you a 2 to your attack role.
    • No Encounter Card: Only spaces, besides Camp, that you do not draw an Encounter Card.

Survivor Rules

  1. Each player starts off at Camp
  2. Each players starts with 3 note cards that are at different locations
  3. Each player starts with 5 Scrounge Cards, with 5 more contributing to the deck
  4. Each player can play any number of Scrounge Cards before their turn, unless the card explicitly states that it can be played at another time
  5. Each player uses the dice to determine movement
  6. Players must stop on a Location space even if they can move past it
  7. To get a Location token the player must survive 2 Encounter Cards

Once you die, you turn into a Walker. You drop everything you have, all Scrounge Cards not used go back into the pile. This marks the beginning of the second game. After 2 players die and turn the game adds a second layer and you now have Team Zombie vs Team Survivor. This turns the game from individual to team based game.

Walker Rules

  1. Each player starts off from where they die
  2. Each players starts with 4 Walker Cards
  3. Each player may move on their turn, but are not required
  4. Each player uses the dice to determine movement
  5. Players may play a Walker Card
  6. Players may discard a Walker Card, but must draw to always to have 4 at the end of their turn

End Game
There are 3 possible ways to end this game.

  • Survivor Mode: In the individual game the first player to collect all 4 Location tokens and return to Camp wins.
  • Team Zombie vs Team Survivor:
    • Team Zombie: If the 2 Walkers manage to kill all the Survivors.
    • Team Survivor: If 1 Survivor manages to complete the objective.

This game is very complex and I feel has many different strategies. The Team Zombie vs Team Survivor aspect of the game adds another level of strategy. It allows for players that loose the main objective a chance to continue to play and win. This added layer of the game allows for more interactions and allows for all players to continue to play until an objective is finalized. I feel that the Team strategy is a valid way to go to immediately, bypassing the main objective. the game is fast and has a great replay value to try out different strategies.

Your thurst for blood will be satisfied in this game.

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