Christina: Day 5

Today was the first day that we didn’t need to do checks with Earth. We still haven’t left orbit though, I am so ready to get going.

Still waiting on food supplies to be delivered. I hope that its better than what they tried to feed us while at the Company Headquarters. The “banquet” that was supposed to be in our honor was a disgrace. I should have snuck off Darrel and Ryan to get some food at the bar.

Man, could I use a beer. They choose to keep us sober for the first 20 days of the mission. I have no idea why anyone would do that, but I suspect it’s for publicity. as soon as we leave orbit I will start my brewing experiment. Should be easy enough to control in my room. Don’t have a keg so will have to do some bottling, but don’t have any bottles or caps. Mmmh, well I will figure that out when it comes. Maybe I can convince Jill to save some of the flasks for me.

My greenhouse is being set up, then it will finally feel like home. I won’t be able to enter until after we leave earth orbit, but at least I can get some peace and quiet while I am working.

With 3 dining areas, you would expect to not see anyone sometime during the day. However, those places seem to be the hangout spot. Surprising since there is a recreation room with a great view of space. Maybe I will make a base there to read and drink.

Time for some publicity lessons to prepare for our interviews before we take off.


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