Jill: Day 7


Christina worries me.

I know these junkets are tedious, but I mean, it’s kind of what we signed up for, y’know?

Yeah it’s boring, spouting corporate bylines to talking heads isn’t exactly my idea of fun either, but the attention is kind of novel and at the very least it’s a welcome distraction.

We each have our own reasons for being on this boat, but I’m beginning to think I’m in the minority – I’m not leaving heavy baggage behind, this is just too good a research opportunity to pass up.

By comparison, Captain Darrel’s motives are pretty transparent – he’s here to consecrate his legacy. Which is just as well – as I understand it, the technology on Laika makes it more like a cruise ship than a frigate – so with any luck we’ll never have to fall back on his supposed pedigree.

Our navigator on the hand is a bit more enigmatic. Ryan seems friendly enough but he’s deflected every attempt I’ve made to talk about this past. He’s got some battle-scars but I can’t imagine how…

After learning we’d be delayed, the rest of the crew extended their tour on Earth and just arrived yesterday. We haven’t mingled much yet much outside of the normal superficial pleasantries but it is a bit unnerving to know that each of us has a direct replacement.

But Christina’s a different story. I’m pretty sure she’s been rummaging through my lab lately. What do you suppose she’s actually doing in that greenhouse anyway?

I’ll be keeping a close eye on her.


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