Darrel: Day 15


This mission has finally started. Earlier this morning we got the go ahead to leave the moon”s orbit and head to Mars. Ryan and I got were let loose on the controls. For about 2 hours we maneuvered our beauty into position and than sat down for the next 4 hours to double check the flight path and equipment. This is where Experiment 39 failed. There was a critical miscalculation in the equipment, which resulted in the ship”s engines overheating blowing up half the ship. The crew was let go while a new ship was being constructed. As not to repeat those mistakes Ryan and I double and even triple checked everything. Once we were sure that everything was good to go I kissed the pictures of my father and grandfather and we let out fair Laika free.

After a long day”s work I head for another 20 mile run. I had to stay fit for my inevitable training. I decided my schedule would be easy for the next month or so, just to ease into the routine. While on my run I heard those noises again coming from the Trash compartment. I wasn”t too worried as nothing came up on our diagnostics. But just in case I informed Xander and Evelyn,

Ryan and I wanted to watch more old sci-fi movies, but couldn”t drum up any other interest. Specifically, I couldn’t convince Evelyn to join so I couldn”t see the point in watching. Instead of forcing the issue further we decided to save it for another day. We decided to break out a chess board and clock. I know a little old school, but always good fun.

I was pretty rusty against Ryan. We ended up each with a win and stalemating the third. I will have to go over my choice of opening moves, just couldn”t play the Pirc defense well enough. Maybe I can get some interest and we can play a 4 person game of chess; a fun game that I haven”t played since I was in high school. I think Xander would play, but not sure which one of the girls would be up for it. I haven”t really got to know Jill, maybe I will talk with her tomorrow.


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