Christina: Day 22


I have been avoiding writing anything for 10 days. However, I just got reprimanded so I guess its time to write, stupid contract.

So since the mission started about a week ago, everything has been smooth sailing. Evelyn’s initial trap yielded no results and our investigation continues. During the day I have been walled up in the greenhouse getting all the experiments set up and I am spending most of my nights in rec room monitoring the ship with Eveyln and Jill. We have not learned much, but it is fun to watch and make notes for our drinking game. Once I have the rules set, I will write about them. I think the rules will be constantly evolving, but that will be part of the fun. I might add the noise as a rule worth an a couple of drinks, since that does pop up every few days.

Darrel and Ryan keep asking us to watch some movies. I think Jill has caved a few times, but I have been able avoid them by being in lab or having Evelyn act as my body guard. I do not know what I would do without her.

I keep checking the cider, making sure its on track. It should only be another 10 days, then I can start drinking. Days will get so much easier. Maybe with a few drinks in me I will cave and watch one of these movies.

Well, I think that is enough writing. I have some surveillance to do. Eveyln has cobbled together some robot device to go through the trash shoot and ducts. Maybe the mystery equipment will turn up. I have been betting that it is some kid of animal, as I have noticed some small nibbles in a few plants. But maybe I am just going a little crazy without some alcohol.


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