22 thoughts on “Episode 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  1. You guys crack me up. This is really good (surprisingly good considering it’s a first attempt). You definitely have a good back and forth, evidenced by the fact I was actually interested in what you were talking about despite the main subject matter being a movie I find supremely boring.

    NAILED IT. lol

    Frosted Flakes is clearly the best cereal.

  2. Woah. I have to say that I’ve never heard a podcast before. So did you guys record this together? Or are you guys recording from different locations at the same time? I have no idea how these things work. Did you guys write a loose script? Did you practice? I’m just curious.

    Otherwise, it’s kinda fun to hear your opinions lol. You both have pretty nice fitting voices for recording.

      • He’s being modest; Venkat wrote the script during his flight to the U.K. We had a few sessions with a vocal coach we found though Groupon, but she gave up on us after the second class, so we had to rewrite the scripts in long-form.

        I produce the show from my kitchen.

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