Chapter Seven: Rita Lauren

This is a short chapter to dive further into Rita’s personality

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Chapter Seven: Rita Lauren

“Two minutes” yelled an indeterminable voice from outside accompanied by three knocks. I have not been able to figure out why the two minute call is followed by three knocks on my door and the one minute call followed by four.

I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. I still need to put my eyeliner and lipstick on. Not sure why, but those never lasted into the second show. As I dolled myself up again, I wondered what to do about May. He clearly recognized me tonight and was trying to hide the fact that he did. He tried to sneak out during my first set, but he is never as smooth as he thinks. He surely had his eyes set on Aggie,

“One minute Lily,” yelled another voice. I didn’t even bat an eyelash and continued applying my lipstick.

The door opened with a man shouting, “Earth to Lily, didn’t you just hear me?”

I turned around and noticed Frankie with his head poking his head out from the hallway.

“Sorry, didn’t hear you there. Guess my head was in the clouds.”

That was totally a lie, I had heard him loud and clear. I had forgotten that I was Lily. I had hopped that choosing my middle name would make this easy, but I think it just made things harder. I had for years ignored my parents and my brother when they called me Lily. They always told me that Rita would be a name that I would grow into, but the truth was I had this Aunt Rita that would come around and they didn’t want to confuse us.

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