4 thoughts on “Episode 10: Melody Time

  1. OH MY GOD Donny what are you talking about with this Final Fantasy stuff? XIII-2 is already a game; it did not somehow become Final Fantasy 15. You’re thinking of FF Versus XIII, the game that was announced like a billion years ago and the one that has the Kingdom Hearts team developing the gameplay. I would have thought that since you’re such a KH fan you would have known that, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    But yeah, seriously, why can’t Squeenix just pick a naming system and stick with it? I understand originally they were trying to preserve the sanctity of the numbered games by giving spin-off games subtitles (which was probably the best way to do it), but they already screwed that up by letting their online games have whole number titles. Now they’re compounding the confusion by turning what was originally intended to be a spin-off or companion game into the next numbered game. I guess I can’t blame you guys for not being able to keep it straight. But no, you guys are dum and you don’t even know the difference between XIII-2 and Versus XIII and XIII-3. I bet you don’t even know what Agito XIII is called now lolol

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