Ryan: Day 24


I guess I need to start writing something. I have been trying to avoid this assignment for as long as possible, but I think it is time that I “explore” my thoughts.

Thing have been going well. I have been kicking it with Darrel and watching some good sci-fi movies. I checked out my command post and am pleased with it. I haven’t really decorated or anything and don’t think I will. To me it is just an office and one that I just want to concentrate in.

I think that Darrel has a huge crush on Eveyln and is trying way too hard. He has to just back down a little otherwise she is never going online casino to talk to him. Jill is cool, but haven’t really hung out with her without Darrel. I might try to invite her to do something, which will also give me some time away from Darrel. I don’t want to be attached at the hip with the guy, otherwise making tough decisions in the cockpit will be that much harder.

Chrisitina and Eveyln have heard some noises coming from the garbage shoot and am curious as to what their plan is. I suspect it is a test of our concentration, but who can tell. I just hope they don’t blow a hole in the side of the ship. I really do want to get to Mars.

I think that is all I have to say. We have set our course and should be in the cabin every morning for corrections and such. But will have some free time for a little while. The hard part will come when we are closer to Mars.

Chapter Eight: How to Play a Fool

I FINALLY POSTED. This chapter has two perspectives. It starts of with Lander May then switches to Rita Lauren.

Start the story from the beginning Chapter One: Rita Lauren)


Chapter Eight: How to Play a Fool

(Lander May)

I am surprised to hear Lauren sing up on that stage. It is refreshing to know there is a side of her that is not all down-to-business cop. She has always had a pleasant, fair speaking voice, but when she sang…wow. Let’s just say I’m impressed.

Impressed by only her singing, mind you. While I have been off playing detective, what has she been up to besides showing off her vocal cords (and no doubt, the extravagant dress and jewelry she is wearing during the performance). I am curious as to what information she pulled out of Guy Jones. There must be some reason she is working here right now. I will not give away her cover though. The hidden glares she sends my way (which I can sense, without needing to see them) have assured me of keeping my mouth tightly shut.

I motion to Jeff and we both make our way out of the club. The night air is brisk but not chilly, perfect for a stroll on this summer night. But where shall I take a stroll to?

Well, in this part of town, all the young and restless with too much money in their hands are probably out-and-about this weekend. And I have no plans to contact Lauren until tomorrow. What’s a blind man to do but to casually listen in on some gossip? Continue reading «Chapter Eight: How to Play a Fool»