Totoro Terrarium

So I decided to post this here, just to show that I still use the website, and still sift through our old random posts from time to time.

So one thing you may not know about me is that I love the Ghibli aesthetic. I love Japanese forests and the countryside and the atmosphere that it creates. I love the innocence and simplicity that they represent and the absolute gorgeousness of nature. I really like the idea that, like most things in Japanese culture, the beauty in a object comes in its own simplicity. I think となりのトトロ (My Neighbor Totoro) is the quintessential visual representation of this aesthetic.

So like most ideas, this shit came to me from thin air. As I was looking at my “Totoro Station” on my bookshelf, I thought that I needed to level up. I wanted more. Right then and there I said to myself. “I’m going to make myself a mini forest”.

So I bought each of the things on different days from different places and just waited until I had everything to assemble it.

1) Elevated Wooden Stand:     $30     Cost Plus

2) Glass Bell Jar:                       $12     TJ Maxx

3) Mixed Moss                           $8       Michaels

4) Mini Trees                              $3       China (Ebay)

5) Mini Fence                             $5       Etsy

I had the styrofoam,Totoro figure, mini flowers, mini bottles,and glue gun already at home. I glued layers of different sizes of styrofoam together to create a multilevel-ed landscape. Then I carved it to fit inside my glass cloche and started to glue the moss and other parts to it. It probably took around 2ish hours to make. Greg also said he bought me some miniature mushrooms to add to it, so it’s like 99% done.

Here is the final product. I’m pretty happy with it. here

4 thoughts on “Totoro Terrarium

  1. This is really awesome btw. I’m surprised no one has commented yet; I guess goes to show who (or who doesn’t) visit the site anymore 🙁 It must have taken so much planning!

  2. LoL thanks. I still visit the site every so often, and I know other people listen to the podcasts, even if they don’t comment afterwards. I’m going to probably write up another post about the bedroom vanity I’ve been putting together.

  3. I still come to the site and I read this back when you posted it!!! I have literally consumed and enjoyed every bit of content on this site. Sorry I didn’t write a comment. I’ve been slacking on that but I’ll make sure I comment more on posts so people know there’s at least some audience for this stuff. I’m going to try to make time to contribute more often too.

    Anyway, if I didn’t already tell you, the final product looks cool! Keep posting and coming to the site. We can’t let this thing die…

  4. Yeah I really think people should start posting more content! I’ve tried to convince Greg to put some of his pics up but he keeps avoiding it. >=(

    I really enjoy this site and think it’s the coolest thing ever.

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