5 thoughts on “Episode 30: Beauty & The Beast

  1. Yet another excellent episode, but I must confess, I wasn’t a huge fan of your new guest. What was his name…? Oh yeah, like Dragaroo or something. Wow, is that guy just a wet blanket or what lol?

      • Did you get it? Did you get the joke??? Classic misdirection. ZING!

        For serious, though, I very much enjoy the different vibes each show has been sending out recently. It might be due to the new schedule, the more frequent appearance of guests (I really enjoyed Jac or whatever Venkat said his name was, btw), or the higher quality films, or whatever, but the episodes have been much more “fresh”. Very much looking forward to Aladdin and the appearance of “the Shaver”.

  2. Its always interesting to hear the different dynamics between yourselves and new guests.

    This episode was rather long though. You guys could kind of shorten it down by not necessarily outlining the entire plot and rather by just bringing up interesting stuff that you notice.

    I’m looking forward to MY DEBUT. hahahahha

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