Tales of Eversparkle: Chapter 2, Book 1, Volume 15

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Chapter 2: Defending Against Ninjas

“Where am I?” Mandy asked.

“Eversparkle, child. The land of dreams, love, and absolute fools,” she cackled back. “For only fools dare to dream and love in Eversparkle.”

Mandy noticed distractedly that the woman was missing a bottom tooth, but her otherwise straight-as-a-picket-fence smile gleamed off-white-yellow in the light of the fire.

The woman took another swig from her gourd and offered it to Mandy. “Drink. You must be parched! It sure was a scorcher today wasn’t it! It almost hit 50 Sperks!”

Mandy had no idea what that was supposed to mean and proceeded to scoot away from the proffered hand, eyeing the gourd suspiciously. “I don’t trust strangers,” she said with half-believed conviction. She felt six again.

The old woman just shined a smile Mandy’s way, not at all offended by her brusqueness. “Well, let me introduce myself then. I am Priscilla Appletree, lover of art and nature, and an old woman with a fancy for hallucinogenic substances. I’ve traveled to the end of Eversparkle and back, but consistently find myself drawn back to the woods of Westwind. I’m a master brewer of potions that can help young women to fall in love and turn princes into frogs. People of the kingdom know me as the Witch of Westwind Woods, but you may call me Priscilla. Or Ma’am. Ahaha!”

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