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Darrel: Day 15


This mission has finally started. Earlier this morning we got the go ahead to leave the moon”s orbit and head to Mars. Ryan and I got were let loose on the controls. For about 2 hours we maneuvered our beauty into position and than sat down for the next 4 hours to double check the flight path and equipment. This is where Experiment 39 failed. There was a critical miscalculation in the equipment, which resulted in the ship”s engines overheating blowing up half the ship. The crew was let go while a new ship was being constructed. As not to repeat those mistakes Ryan and I double and even triple checked everything. Once we were sure that everything was good to go I kissed the pictures of my father and grandfather and we let out fair Laika free.

After a long day”s work I head for another 20 mile run. I had to stay fit for my inevitable training. I decided my schedule would be easy for the next month or so, just to ease into the routine. While on my run I heard those noises again coming from the Trash compartment. I wasn”t too worried as nothing came up on our diagnostics. But just in case I informed Xander and Evelyn,

Ryan and I wanted to watch more old sci-fi movies, but couldn”t drum up any other interest. Specifically, I couldn’t convince Evelyn to join so I couldn”t see the point in watching. Instead of forcing the issue further we decided to save it for another day. We decided to break out a chess board and clock. I know a little old school, but always good fun.

I was pretty rusty against Ryan. We ended up each with a win and stalemating the third. I will have to go over my choice of opening moves, just couldn”t play the Pirc defense well enough. Maybe I can get some interest and we can play a 4 person game of chess; a fun game that I haven”t played since I was in high school. I think Xander would play, but not sure which one of the girls would be up for it. I haven”t really got to know Jill, maybe I will talk with her tomorrow.


Chapter Six: Lander May

This ended up being a short chapter to get the story flowing.

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Chapter Six: Lander May

It has been one week since I have seen my partner. She had left me to talk to Mr. Guy Jones but never resurfaced that night. I had left the car for her and walked home. The next day I rang up the driver to see if she had returned home, but he informed me that he had strict instructions that his services would not be needed. I would have checked in on her had I not been expecting to be scolded for checking up on her. So I can only infer that Lauren had decided to continue her discussion with Mr. Jones or she had decided to track down her ne’er-do-well brother.

I wouldn’t say that I didn’t enjoy the break. I have been able to get some needed sleep and relaxation since we don’t officially have a case. In addition I have had time to hit the streets. Jeff has appreciated the time we have spent, since as of late he has been left out.

I had started the day in the office, but Jeff and I were quickly getting restless. After some food I decided it was time to stretch our legs and head out of the office. Our recent escapades had raised a new club located in East Lake, The Blue Bird, to our attention. East Lake is an up and coming area and caters to the newly wealthy and young. The area contrasts South Lake which is primarily made up of old money.

The Blue Bird has been described to me as a “hip joint” or the place to be. I’ve been told that the house band is one of the best in all of Four Lakes and is accompanied by the best singers. Usually I wouldn’t be caught dead entering a place like this, but the drinks have been rumored to be the strongest around.

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Christina: Day 12


We are still not on our way yet. We should be leaving in the next day or so. We had a send off party from the Moon base, but that was just okay.

The real exciting news is I have set up my brewing equipment. The first batch of cider should be ready in 20 days. I went with cider so that it reduced the brewing time and I could drink sooner. I haven’t decided if I am going to share with anyone other than Evelyn, but will see how I am feeling that day.

Speaking of Evelyn, we have been getting along swimmingly. She helped me get the equipment from Jill’s lab and helped me brew. We have been setting up base in the abandoned rec room. Seems as though most just want to watch movies, which sounds so boring to me. Eveyln and I have been thinking up ways to improve the ship and reading a bunch of books. We also have been considering making up a drinking game to play. We were able to route some of the security feed from the main areas to the rec room monitors. So our plan is to make up rules for what the other do and drink when we see them do those things. Should be a great way to pass the time.

Eveyln has said that she and other have noticed some noises coming out of the trash shoot. I haven’t heard anything, but you never know. She is keen on setting up a trap for what ever is down there. So tonight we gather some weapons and tools to investigate. I think its just some equipment that is loose, but we shall see.


Darrel: Day 11


Today was the first day of orbiting the Moon. We are here to have another send off from the Moon base that was established in Experiment 22.

Honestly, I think it is time to just move on with these pageants. I am going stir crazy just sitting around and doing nothing.

Today, I ran 20 miles just so that I wasn”t bored. As I made my rounds I heard some eerie noises from the trash dock. It reminded me of the trash monster from the classic movie “Star Wars”. I mentioned this to Ryan and he just brushed me off. Says I was just imagining things. But since we had time off tomorrow we decided to take over dinning room 3 and decided to do a marathon of all 12 movies. Because we are crazy fanatics we are watching them in chronological order not in the order of being filmed. We invited all the girls Christina, Jill, and Evelyn, but they all declined. Xander just made excuses and wouldn”t join us.

I had hoped we would all get along, but I think that was just a naive thought. I am glad Ryan is on this ship, he looks to be a good friend and navigator.

I really want to get to know Evelyn more, but all she does is concentrate on security and weapons. I can”t figure out her motivation for being on this adventure. She seems to avoid Xander and gravitate towards Christina. Hopefully everyone will get into a normal space after we got on with this mission.

We should be leaving in a few days and then I can finally do my job. I scoped out my Captain”s chair it looks sweet. I will move a picture of my Dad and Grandfather into the space just to remind me where I come from. I should have an easy couple of months, but the real training will start in a few months. Until, then just got to relax and watch some awesome movies and maybe hit on Eveyln.


Christina: Day 5

Today was the first day that we didn’t need to do checks with Earth. We still haven’t left orbit though, I am so ready to get going.

Still waiting on food supplies to be delivered. I hope that its better than what they tried to feed us while at the Company Headquarters. The “banquet” that was supposed to be in our honor was a disgrace. I should have snuck off Darrel and Ryan to get some food at the bar.

Man, could I use a beer. They choose to keep us sober for the first 20 days of the mission. I have no idea why anyone would do that, but I suspect it’s for publicity. as soon as we leave orbit I will start my brewing experiment. Should be easy enough to control in my room. Don’t have a keg so will have to do some bottling, but don’t have any bottles or caps. Mmmh, well I will figure that out when it comes. Maybe I can convince Jill to save some of the flasks for me.

My greenhouse is being set up, then it will finally feel like home. I won’t be able to enter until after we leave earth orbit, but at least I can get some peace and quiet while I am working.

With 3 dining areas, you would expect to not see anyone sometime during the day. However, those places seem to be the hangout spot. Surprising since there is a recreation room with a great view of space. Maybe I will make a base there to read and drink.

Time for some publicity lessons to prepare for our interviews before we take off.