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BossBrettdon’s VGM Composer Spotlight #01: Yōko Kanno

Ahoy! This is the first of what I hope to be a series of small glimpses into the careers of the video game music (VGM) composers I find interesting or cool or whatever! Basically, I”m not going to do exhaustive research about their entire career and report on it because that”s boring and lame, I”m just gonna talk about the stuff with which I am already familiar (and maybe do a little research to make sure I”m not full of shit on some of the details) and of course select a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Hopefully somehow I can communicate the important contributions VGM has made to popular culture and to my music tastes and highfalutin” stuff like that, but if not, whatever! I just want to write about VGM because I like it.

This time I decided to start with a relatively short and accessible one to ease myself and everyone else in the topic. Let”s get into it!

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Xander: Day 12


Just how exactly do they think this hunk of junk is still in the air, anyway? The Laika may be the state of the art but if you ask me the state of the art is the state of shit. No one but the publicity grubbing Space or Die is arrogant enough to actually attempt to implement fully integrated automation. Anyone with half a brain knows it just never works like it’s supposed to. It’s all I can do just to patch the system up thing every time something breaks, which is always.

Honestly, if we reach Mars without having to get out and push, I’ll be amazed.

On the other hand, it must be nice being the captain and the navigator of a ship that’s basically on cruise control. Maybe those two have time to watch movies all day and night, but some of us have real actual jobs that involve real actual work. They had the nerve to try to browbeat me into joining them after I said I had to repair the panel that controls the door to the incinerator, saying I was just making something up and being antisocial. Just watch your antiquated space opera and leave me out of it.

If those guys try to distract me from my work again I might just “discover” that the auto-pilot is no longer functioning next time I have to fix something in that area. That’ll keep them from being bored.

I’m not really sure what Evelyn’s deal is, yet. I thought for sure my in with her would be offering to help her install some of her security measures, but I guess she wants to do it all herself and apparently is able to do it all herself, even though she doesn’t have any of the ship’s schematics. At least she doesn’t seem to be interested in the space jockeys. So that’s one thing that’s gone my way this entire trip.

Oh yeah, and I heard one of them trying to convince the other that there’s something creepy lurking in the trash dock. I’ve heard those noises too. It’s not some monster; it’s some crazy guy in there talking and laughing to himself or something. All I know is, not my problem. Unless something breaks down there, that is. Then it is my problem.

Please let nothing break down there.


Brett Blog

Or Brlog, if you prefer. I just made one, and of course it’s already pushing 2000 words written. I’m pretty sure I was inspired to do it because Terisa is in Hawaii and because I need to vent about the Superbowl. I feel kinda shitty that my first real post here is essentially just some shameless self-promotion and not an illustrious story-fun-time entry like I was hoping it would be, but that’s just the way it is.

Here’s a sort of introduction of my plan for the blog and here’s the regular old link to the blog.