Chi Chi Dango

I”ve lived in California for 7 years now.  Even though it has become a good second home to me (despite allergies), I miss Hawaii sometimes.  I miss my three F”s: family, friends, and FOOD!!  I”ve been trying to cook like my mom, but it rarely turns out the same.  I”ve also been trying to cook and bake other things that brings back wonderful memories for me.

Chi chi dango is a popular treat in Hawaii.  It”s like mochi, but there”s no filling.  It”s just plain, soft, chewy, sweetness!  I remember the first time I had it.  I was in kindergarten and my teacher made it to celebrate Girl”s Day (Hinamatsuri in Japanese).  It was pink and white.  I always looked forward to Girl”s Day when I was little because either my teacher or one of my classmates parents would bring in chi chi dango to share.  Even my parents (Mr. and Mrs. Chinese-food-only) learned how to make it!

I decided to make it for the first time this New Year”s and brought it over to the Watanabe New Year Celebration-Eat-All-Day-Fest.  I had no idea that it was pretty easy to make.  When Halley started to make plans for this birthday party, I told him I wanted to make his cake.  He didn”t want cake, but one of the things he requested was chi chi dango.

Chi chi dango is usually cut into rectangles.  This is a 3 layer one I made for New Years. Continue reading «Chi Chi Dango»

Chapter 6: Reunited

( Feel free to continue the story any time – or join in by making a character on the character page titled Roleplay Fanfiction Characters. Start the story from the beginning Chapter 1: The River)


Lilee opened her eyes and light flooded the room.  She laid there squinting at the sunlight trying to figure out where she was.  She was on a soft, comfortable, and warm bed.  The room had bright tapestries on its walls, velvet curtains around its windows, and paintings with gold frames.

“Wow” she thought. “I’m dead.”

“Hehehehe!”  She heard a distant giggle.

She sat up and her head started to pound.  Her head fell into her hands as she held it like it was about to explode.

“Nope, nope. Definitely not dead.”

“Hehehehe!” She heard the same giggle.

She opened her eyes, turned to get off the bed, and saw her sword laying on a table in front of her.  Lilee approached her sword cautiously.  She remembered the last time she tried to wield it and how it burned in her hands.  She stood as far back as she could, reached over, and poked it.  Nothing happened.  She carefully picked it up and left the room to find the mysterious giggle.
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What cooking/baking/craft lover doesn”t know about Pinterest?  There”s always neat projects on there, but of course, the first time isn”t always a charm.  They”re disasters waiting to happen… so there”s Pinstrosity!  See what happens when other people fail at Pinterest projects.  It makes me wish I took a picture of Mario the first time I tried to make him.  The clay was too warm and soft for some reason so it wasn”t keeping its shape.  Mario”s body slowly sagged.  I got so frustrated that I smashed him and threw it in the trash.  Anyway, check out Pintrosity when you”re having a bad day.  It”s nice to laugh at other people”s failures.

My Pinterest isn”t all that interesting, but here are some other things that I have made.


Along with Octi, these Mario characters are some of my favorite pieces.  They’re also made from polymer clay.

Source: via Terisa on Pinterest

I made them for Brett’s birthday and put them on his cake a few years ago.  Toad is holding Brett’s favorite lemon bundt cake, in case you’re wondering what that was.  Surprisingly, Goomba was one of the hardest to make.  Shaping his eyebrows and body was a pain.

In Bruges

I never thought I would be the type to go crazy over places where movies were filmed, but going to Bruges was like a fucking fairytale dream come true!

Oh, and the best way to get to Mars is through Bruges apparently.