What cooking/baking/craft lover doesn”t know about Pinterest?  There”s always neat projects on there, but of course, the first time isn”t always a charm.  They”re disasters waiting to happen… so there”s Pinstrosity!  See what happens when other people fail at Pinterest projects.  It makes me wish I took a picture of Mario the first time I tried to make him.  The clay was too warm and soft for some reason so it wasn”t keeping its shape.  Mario”s body slowly sagged.  I got so frustrated that I smashed him and threw it in the trash.  Anyway, check out Pintrosity when you”re having a bad day.  It”s nice to laugh at other people”s failures.

My Pinterest isn”t all that interesting, but here are some other things that I have made.


Along with Octi, these Mario characters are some of my favorite pieces.  They’re also made from polymer clay.

Source: via Terisa on Pinterest

I made them for Brett’s birthday and put them on his cake a few years ago.  Toad is holding Brett’s favorite lemon bundt cake, in case you’re wondering what that was.  Surprisingly, Goomba was one of the hardest to make.  Shaping his eyebrows and body was a pain.

I painted a park bench!

This is a park bench that I designed and painted when I was 15. My first employer was ArtStart, a really awesome public arts program that mentors and trains young artists and pays them to create murals and park benches to beautify Santa Rosa.

Working with ArtStart was one of the best experiences I”ve ever had. Everyday I listened to Led Zeppelin in a giant warehouse of my peers and local artists and came home with paint all over my jeans.

I hope that I can return to a creative and liberating work atmosphere like that again. My painting abilities have since evolved markedly, but I haven”t picked up a brush in a couple of years and miss the feeling of scrubbing ink and paint off of my forearms.

I also hope to one day contribute to/found a similar youth arts program. We need more community art and outlets to creatively empower kids.

Octi Sushi

I made this for Denisey a couple of years ago for her birthday. It”s probably one of my favorite polymer clay pieces. I usually don”t like making a piece more than once because I get bored after the first time, but I might have to make one for myself. It”s Octi! Enjoying some sushi, sake, and beer!

This pic was to compare the size of some other pieces with a quarter. I didn”t make the little stuffed alligator. His name is Albie. Interesting story behind that one… maybe for another post.

4th grade art!

I remember in the 4th grade, we had a class project where we had to research an endangered or threatened animal. I chose the wallaby! Unfortunately I don’t remember anything that I researched about the wallaby other than the fact that it lives in Australia. I also cannot tell you exactly which species of wallaby I researched was endangered. 🙁

The teachers painted the world map on the side of the cafeteria, and all the kids had to do was paint their cute animals on the map!

And this was my contribution to the wall:

We painted this back in spring of 1996. I currently live down the street from my old elementary school, so when I recently paid a visit to the adjacent park, I was surprised to see that this mural was still there! I hope that this mural will still be around for some time to come to inspire all the current and future kiddies at this quaint little school.