Ryan: Day 24


I guess I need to start writing something. I have been trying to avoid this assignment for as long as possible, but I think it is time that I “explore” my thoughts.

Thing have been going well. I have been kicking it with Darrel and watching some good sci-fi movies. I checked out my command post and am pleased with it. I haven’t really decorated or anything and don’t think I will. To me it is just an office and one that I just want to concentrate in.

I think that Darrel has a huge crush on Eveyln and is trying way too hard. He has to just back down a little otherwise she is never going online casino to talk to him. Jill is cool, but haven’t really hung out with her without Darrel. I might try to invite her to do something, which will also give me some time away from Darrel. I don’t want to be attached at the hip with the guy, otherwise making tough decisions in the cockpit will be that much harder.

Chrisitina and Eveyln have heard some noises coming from the garbage shoot and am curious as to what their plan is. I suspect it is a test of our concentration, but who can tell. I just hope they don’t blow a hole in the side of the ship. I really do want to get to Mars.

I think that is all I have to say. We have set our course and should be in the cabin every morning for corrections and such. But will have some free time for a little while. The hard part will come when we are closer to Mars.

Christina: Day 22


I have been avoiding writing anything for 10 days. However, I just got reprimanded so I guess its time to write, stupid contract.

So since the mission started about a week ago, everything has been smooth sailing. Evelyn’s initial trap yielded no results and our investigation continues. During the day I have been walled up in the greenhouse getting all the experiments set up and I am spending most of my nights in rec room monitoring the ship with Eveyln and Jill. We have not learned much, but it is fun to watch and make notes for our drinking game. Once I have the rules set, I will write about them. I think the rules will be constantly evolving, but that will be part of the fun. I might add the noise as a rule worth an a couple of drinks, since that does pop up every few days.

Darrel and Ryan keep asking us to watch some movies. I think Jill has caved a few times, but I have been able avoid them by being in lab or having Evelyn act as my body guard. I do not know what I would do without her.

I keep checking the cider, making sure its on track. It should only be another 10 days, then I can start drinking. Days will get so much easier. Maybe with a few drinks in me I will cave and watch one of these movies.

Well, I think that is enough writing. I have some surveillance to do. Eveyln has cobbled together some robot device to go through the trash shoot and ducts. Maybe the mystery equipment will turn up. I have been betting that it is some kid of animal, as I have noticed some small nibbles in a few plants. But maybe I am just going a little crazy without some alcohol.


Darrel: Day 15


This mission has finally started. Earlier this morning we got the go ahead to leave the moon”s orbit and head to Mars. Ryan and I got were let loose on the controls. For about 2 hours we maneuvered our beauty into position and than sat down for the next 4 hours to double check the flight path and equipment. This is where Experiment 39 failed. There was a critical miscalculation in the equipment, which resulted in the ship”s engines overheating blowing up half the ship. The crew was let go while a new ship was being constructed. As not to repeat those mistakes Ryan and I double and even triple checked everything. Once we were sure that everything was good to go I kissed the pictures of my father and grandfather and we let out fair Laika free.

After a long day”s work I head for another 20 mile run. I had to stay fit for my inevitable training. I decided my schedule would be easy for the next month or so, just to ease into the routine. While on my run I heard those noises again coming from the Trash compartment. I wasn”t too worried as nothing came up on our diagnostics. But just in case I informed Xander and Evelyn,

Ryan and I wanted to watch more old sci-fi movies, but couldn”t drum up any other interest. Specifically, I couldn’t convince Evelyn to join so I couldn”t see the point in watching. Instead of forcing the issue further we decided to save it for another day. We decided to break out a chess board and clock. I know a little old school, but always good fun.

I was pretty rusty against Ryan. We ended up each with a win and stalemating the third. I will have to go over my choice of opening moves, just couldn”t play the Pirc defense well enough. Maybe I can get some interest and we can play a 4 person game of chess; a fun game that I haven”t played since I was in high school. I think Xander would play, but not sure which one of the girls would be up for it. I haven”t really got to know Jill, maybe I will talk with her tomorrow.


Christina: Day 12


We are still not on our way yet. We should be leaving in the next day or so. We had a send off party from the Moon base, but that was just okay.

The real exciting news is I have set up my brewing equipment. The first batch of cider should be ready in 20 days. I went with cider so that it reduced the brewing time and I could drink sooner. I haven’t decided if I am going to share with anyone other than Evelyn, but will see how I am feeling that day.

Speaking of Evelyn, we have been getting along swimmingly. She helped me get the equipment from Jill’s lab and helped me brew. We have been setting up base in the abandoned rec room. Seems as though most just want to watch movies, which sounds so boring to me. Eveyln and I have been thinking up ways to improve the ship and reading a bunch of books. We also have been considering making up a drinking game to play. We were able to route some of the security feed from the main areas to the rec room monitors. So our plan is to make up rules for what the other do and drink when we see them do those things. Should be a great way to pass the time.

Eveyln has said that she and other have noticed some noises coming out of the trash shoot. I haven’t heard anything, but you never know. She is keen on setting up a trap for what ever is down there. So tonight we gather some weapons and tools to investigate. I think its just some equipment that is loose, but we shall see.


Xander: Day 12


Just how exactly do they think this hunk of junk is still in the air, anyway? The Laika may be the state of the art but if you ask me the state of the art is the state of shit. No one but the publicity grubbing Space or Die is arrogant enough to actually attempt to implement fully integrated automation. Anyone with half a brain knows it just never works like it’s supposed to. It’s all I can do just to patch the system up thing every time something breaks, which is always.

Honestly, if we reach Mars without having to get out and push, I’ll be amazed.

On the other hand, it must be nice being the captain and the navigator of a ship that’s basically on cruise control. Maybe those two have time to watch movies all day and night, but some of us have real actual jobs that involve real actual work. They had the nerve to try to browbeat me into joining them after I said I had to repair the panel that controls the door to the incinerator, saying I was just making something up and being antisocial. Just watch your antiquated space opera and leave me out of it.

If those guys try to distract me from my work again I might just “discover” that the auto-pilot is no longer functioning next time I have to fix something in that area. That’ll keep them from being bored.

I’m not really sure what Evelyn’s deal is, yet. I thought for sure my in with her would be offering to help her install some of her security measures, but I guess she wants to do it all herself and apparently is able to do it all herself, even though she doesn’t have any of the ship’s schematics. At least she doesn’t seem to be interested in the space jockeys. So that’s one thing that’s gone my way this entire trip.

Oh yeah, and I heard one of them trying to convince the other that there’s something creepy lurking in the trash dock. I’ve heard those noises too. It’s not some monster; it’s some crazy guy in there talking and laughing to himself or something. All I know is, not my problem. Unless something breaks down there, that is. Then it is my problem.

Please let nothing break down there.