Dominant Species: Gaming Marathon

It was the end of January, when four brave men embarked on an epic gaming adventure. We eased into the day with a couple of hour long games. Before we settled into our main event we indulged in in delicious falafels and banana shakes. To suppress our hunger pangs while playing we descended upon a local market to gather sweet and savory treats. We returned to begin the eveloutionary/adaptation game of Dominant Species.

Domiant Species Board

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The Walking Dead Board Game: Zombie Killing Time

It was a warm November night, when we realized that we hadn”t killed any zombies all day. In order to satisfy our desire to kill, we broke out The Walking Dead Board Game.

This game is based of the hit show The Walking Dead. This game allows you to enter the apocalyptic world as one of six characters: Rick, Lori, Shane, Glenn, Andrea and Glenn. Each of these characters come with a special power, which reminds me of the board game . Both games share similar mechanics and if we played the Team Game, I suspect the games would be even similar.

That being said, we played the Survival Mode, which turned out to be 2 layered strategy game.

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Saved by the Bell Game: Spend an outrageous day with the gang

A few weeks ago, on an early November Saturday afternoon, we decided to have an outrageous day. Joining me on this adventurous journey, Donny, Scott and Denise. We embraced our inner “90s tween girl and played the Saved by the Bell Game.

The game is based off the classic “90s tv series. You get to hang out with the gang (Kelly, Lisa, Jessie, Screech, Zach and Slater) at Bayside High and popular hangout places like The Max.

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