BossBrettdon’s VGM Composer Spotlight #01: Yōko Kanno

Ahoy! This is the first of what I hope to be a series of small glimpses into the careers of the video game music (VGM) composers I find interesting or cool or whatever! Basically, I”m not going to do exhaustive research about their entire career and report on it because that”s boring and lame, I”m just gonna talk about the stuff with which I am already familiar (and maybe do a little research to make sure I”m not full of shit on some of the details) and of course select a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Hopefully somehow I can communicate the important contributions VGM has made to popular culture and to my music tastes and highfalutin” stuff like that, but if not, whatever! I just want to write about VGM because I like it.

This time I decided to start with a relatively short and accessible one to ease myself and everyone else in the topic. Let”s get into it!

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