The Biggest Bubble

Here a story I wrote some time ago when I was a young lad…   it’s weird and boring.


The Biggest Bubble


            There was a little bar beside the condo I was staying at. It was one of those bars where you sit in a hot tub and order drinks. The stools are completely submerged and the bartender stands in a sort of bunker beside the water so it gives you the illusion that she’s making you drinks and swimming all the while. It’s pretty amazing when you first see it, at least for the easily amused, and at the time I was very easily amused. I was drinking beers and enjoying the combination of the warm water below my stomach and the refreshing beverages and breezes above it. My skin was nicely tan after a few weeks on the beach and I was wearing my favorite orange swimming shorts. The bartender was a ghostly blond woman in her late twenties. Her thin body floated around the bar like a mermaid. She poured drinks with graceful and flowing movements, as if she really was swimming inside the hot tub with her patrons. The illusion was nearly complete.

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Denisey’s Depressing Poetry 2

Ok, so I was going through some of my old poems, and I made myself thoroughly depressed. Just thought I’d share the moment with you guys.


It weighs heavily inside my throat,
A clogged drain, the words are stuck
Somewhere beneath all that I can’t say
Against you.
It puts me in a position I don’t want to be,
On opposite sides of a divide.
I want to come out the winner,
But at what cost, I still am not sure.
My jealously and control however,
Are Second in place to my affection,
And Third in place to your betrayal.


Denisey’s Depressing Poetry 1

Hi guys, since I’ve been analyzing poetry of a sort (*cough* haikus *cough*) I thought in order to keep posting on this site and keep it somewhat subsisting, I’d post some poetry! But just to let you know, I only ever write poetry when I’m upset, angry, or any other kind of depressing mood. Hence the title. Only catch is that I could have written these anywhere from age 14 to today, so the context is somewhat hidden.

So here’s post one! Enjoy, and know that after reading, you have probably lived a much better day!




Confrontation bequeaths confirmation.

Conviction fades from your heart.

You’re left with nothing, as if it was nothing.

What you’d only conceived, you finally concede,

Though the road ended long ago.